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Event Date:

September 2, 2022

Event Time:

11:00 am

Event Location:

Value Life Farm

Come along for a lovely day out and learn about our family owned and run farm, growing local food ethically and regenerating the landscape. Learn about how we manage our pigs, chickens and goats including our small homestead herd of dairy goats. BBQ lunch will be available for purchase on the day as well as the option to buy our Ethically Delicious products, so pack the esky and take home your fill of our local beyond organic pork, chicken and goat.

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Event FAQs

What should I wear?


We recommend that all attendee’s come dressed for a walk in the country with sturdy enclosed shoes and layers to accomodate variable changes in temperature. If in with the pigs, not you may get dirty from their snouts and may step in muck. 


We recommend a hat and sunscreen and sun safe attire as well as a jacket if it cools off as you will be spending the entire time outdoors and mostly in the open. 
Will I get to pat a piglet?
There may be opportunity at certain times, under Dan’s supervision, to get up close to our grower pigs for those who are interested.. As outlined above, be prepared to get dirty and step in muck. Pigs are curious and they explore their world through their noses and mouths, so they will nuzzle and nibble (possibly unintentionally nip you if you are particularly interesting). 


Risk awareness: If you or your children choose to participate in a hands on experience this will be at each persons own risk and our instructions are required to be followed. We will take measures to ensure everybody’s safety and we are familiar with our pigs and their behaviours, however please be aware animals can be unpredictable and react fast to things they are uncomfortable with. 


Unfortunately our piglets are very young and in with their mothers so for safety reasons we cannot facilitate an up close experience with a little piglet. 
Are there toilet facilities available?

We have limited facilities at our property, having moved here in April 2019 and the property being undeveloped and off-grid. 


Toilet facilities will be available. Soap and water washing facilities are available, but we kindly ask to be used with water conservation in mind.  
What safety factors should I consider before attending?

Please be aware, we are small operational family farm and the intention of the day is for you and your family to see our animals and understand how they are cared for, learn about and ask questions about our systems and operations, as well as learn about how we live in an off grid, low budget set up.  


Please note that we do not have public liability insurance, so people need to understand they come at their own risk. We request you follow any safety precautions we advise and any directions. Fences are electrified so adults will need to ensure children do not touch the fences, as well as being mindful themselves. Entry to paddocks with pigs is not permitted without our express permission and supervision.


As we are continuing to construct our dwelling and other farm infrastructure, there are designated areas for building materials, we request these areas not be entered and that children do not play in these areas as there may be sharp protruding items that cannot be seen in the long grass. 
How do I get there?


We are 30 minutes from Queanbeyan and Bungendore and 50 minutes from Canberra. 


The main section you will find hard is the last bit. Just on the other side of Hoskinstown (only about 200m of road through Hoskinstown) you will turn left onto Forbes Creek Road. You will travel along Forbes Creek Road for about 4kms. You will get to an intersection near a bus shelter and turn left onto Old Mill Road. You will travel along this road for about 4km and you will come to a section just over a rise that has three roads (one straight ahead, one to the right and one to the left). You will take the road/driveway to the left - it has the number 263 listed.  You will travel down our driveway until you see all our paddocks and sheds.

Event Location:

  • Value Life Farm
  • 263 Old Mill Rd
  • Forbes Creek
  • NSW

Event Schedule Details

  • September 2, 2022 11:00 am   -   2:00 pm
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