Christmas Hams

100% Nitrate Free Beyond Organic Christmas Hams 

Due to very popular demand we are delighted to be offering Christmas Hams again this year

Our Hams come from our ethically raised truely free range Heritage Rare Breed pigs

To fully honour the quality of the pigs we raised with such care and love, all of our Christmas Hams are cured in salt, sugar and water and that’s it. Not only are they “Nitrate Free”, but there are no flavour enhances, any artificial additives or preservatives whatsoever

The hams have been carefully smoked by our excellent butcher to perfectly balance the rich flavours of our pork with the natural cure

Collection options

Canberra City Farm –  December 2024 4.00pm – 5.00 pm

Frencham Place, Downer – December 2024 4:30pm – 5:00 pm

Bungendore Private Address – December 2024 9am – 10am

Anyone who wishes to pay by other means other than the linked option can email us their order via email at 

Two different size options to choose from

You can choose either a whole or half leg Christmas Ham

Whole bone in leg ham approximately 7.5-9.5kg and Half bone in leg ham, either butt or hock end, approximately 4-5kg 

All of our Christmas Hams come in vacuum sealed bags to maintain optimal freshness until the big day

Stay tuned for pricing information on 2024 hams

The whole leg Christmas ham is $??/kg, which is approximately $?? (deposit $?) depending on the size you get

The half leg Christmas ham is $??/kg, which is approximately $?? (deposit $?) depending on the size you get

(the sizes and therefore the total prices are only an indication and they may vary somewhat)


Can I choose the size of my ham?

You can choose if you want a whole or a half Christmas Ham, but you can’t choose the exact size. Most of our hams are similar in size so there is not too much variation. We will consider requests for either a smaller or larger size, but we can not guarantee availability. Preference will be accommodated on a first come first served basis.

If I am ordering a half Christmas Ham can I choose either the Butt or the Hock?

Much like the size, we will try to accomodate individual preferences, but once again it will be on a first come first served basis as to if we can accomodate your specific request.

How does payment work?

As we will not have the exact weight of your particular ham until they are processed approximately two weeks prior to Christmas, we will initially send you an invoice for a deposit of $160 (half) or $275 (large whole). Then once your ham is allocated we will send you out a second invoice for the remaining balance.

Once I place my order what can I expect next?

Once you complete your order form we will then send you out an email with an invoice for your deposit. The invoice will include details for both a credit card payment option or a direct bank transfer option. Once that invoice is paid then we will send you out an order confirmation email detailing your selected collection details including time and location. Your order is only secured once the invoice is paid. If you are paying via Bank Transfer then please send us confirmation from your bank so that we ensure your Christmas Ham is safely tucked away and can’t be snapped up by anyone else.

Is your Christmas Ham Nitrate Free?

Absolutely, in fact we go so far as to ensure our hams are only cured in the most natural way possible, that is with salt, sugar and water and nothing else. They are then smoked to give that essential ham flavour.

Can I come and see how the pigs are raised?

Of course. We love having our amazing customers come out to the farm to see what we do and how we care for our animals. We are a customer certified farm so that means you are welcome anytime to see us in action. If you would like to organise a specific time so that we can ensure we are available to show you around then please get in touch.

How do I store my Christmas Ham to maintain freshness?

  • We recommend storing in a Ham Bag and not in plastic containers or wraps.
  • Rinse your Ham Bag in a solution of water and one tablespoon of vinegar and squeeze out the excess.
  • Remove the ham from the wrapping and remove the bone cover and wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
  • Place your ham in the Ham Bag and refrigerate.
  • Rinse out your Ham Bag every 3 days to retain freshness.
  • Keep your Ham Bag moist.