Bulk Pork Sales - Half and Whole Pigs

Current availability​

Bulk Pork Available

We have two options available for bulk purchase:

  1. Bulk purchase from our current pork stock. Minimum of 30kg. You will get a range of different retail cuts, such as leg roast, loin chops, sausages, bacon, speck, mince, scotch fillet, belly roast, etc. Basically you are purchasing the equivalent to at least half a pig and will get all of the different cuts from said half pig. All cuts are in are normal family meal size portions, vacuum sealed and frozen so will last a very long time in the freezer. Price is $24 per kg. Order via email sales@valuelifefarm.com.au. 
  2. You can order a whole pig and have it butchered by our butcher to your own specifications. If you want lots of sausages and mince, or you prefer things like chops and roasts or you love smoked goods, then this is the option for you. It can be fully customised to your specifications. For more information please email us at sales@valuelifefarm.com.au. Note that this option requires advance notice and we will discuss dates and prices with interested individuals. 

How it all works

For a comprehensive breakdown of how our Half and Whole sales works take a look at our Info Sheet below

If you would like to discuss potential future availability of whole pig orders please contact us directly via email at sales@valuelifefarm.com.au