About Us

A small family farm trying to live in close connection with the ecology that sustains us

We are Value Life Farm

Dan, Jillian and Madison Head

 After the life changing experience of having our daughter Madison in 2016, it became very important to think more about what we were eating and feeding our daughter. We had a strong desire to know where it came from and how it was produced. Being the perfectionists that we are, we decided what better way to know this than growing it ourselves. This passion for food perfectionism landed us at our start up location of Bungendore, NSW in March 2018 and then onto our longer term location at Forbes Creek in April 2019 and we just moved to our permanent farm and home property in Narrandera in February 2023. We now grow, forage or hunt for a vast majority of our own food. We are proud to be offering ethical and delicious pork, chicken, goat and lamb that’s ethics and flavour are sure to win you over!

We are now maturing our farm and business, being operational since April 2018. We continue to work on building our resiliency and diversity,  aspire to one day be an exemplar for regenerative agriculture. In raising our animals we focus on respecting the “pigness of the pig” (Joel Salatin) and and the goatiness of the goat, the chickiness of the chicken, whilst working with animals to help us regenerate the landscape and grow the fertility and diversity of the land. 

We specialise in pigs, goats and chickens and have started in sheep now too, offering a diverse range of products. We are proud to breed the pigs that we sell entirely on our farm with a herd of breeding sows and Duroc boars. We are working hard on developing our own landrace of Boer goats that are naturally adapted to our particular land base and management.

We also have a herd of dairy goats and equally select goats that are naturally parasite resistant and are easy to kid and natural mothers. We sell our organically raised dairy goats to those interested in starting or growing their own dairy herd. 

The diversity of the animals we have on the land enhance our ability to heal the land as well as our product offering.

We are also passionate about teaching others that want to learn and are excited to be offering in person workshops that will teach others about permaculture in practice as well as animal husbandry and butchery. 

Our Philosophy

Being local to us means we want people to have a connection to what they eat, to be able to access a product that is within their local area, so they know where it comes from, who grew it, how it was raised and have the opportunity to verify the authenticity of it through access to the farm where it came from. 

Having strong ethics is very important to us and we ensure that we give the animal a good life while it is with us on the farm. That means giving the pig access to a natural environment where they are free to roam and get their snout in the dirt and root, enjoy nature whilst having access to food, water, shelter and in summer a muddy wallow (a pigs favourite thing). It is also important to us that we do not have any chemical inputs in either the rearing or processing of the meat. Rotational grazing or deep mulch systems allow us to be free of chemical inputs during the rearing phase and a close relationship with our butcher enables us to have the meat prepared without the use of nitrates. Another part of being ethical is being transparent to our customers. As such people are welcome to come visit the farm to meet us and verify our practices for themselves. 

If our ethics haven’t won you over yet, we are confident that the deliciousness of our pork and goat will. Our farming practices, along with a fantastic butcher, result in exceptional pork and goat. Our customers love our pork and goat and we have a growing number of loyal subscribers (we welcome more).

We sell our meat in a different model to how you may be used to purchasing your it. We sell in 5kg, 7.5kg and 10kg Pork Bundle Packs and 3kg Goat Game Changer Bundles. We aspire to one day be a full CSA (consumer supported agriculture), supported through a base of loyal subscribers. 

We will be sharing our story as we progress with building and developing our farm. You can follow us on FaceBook and you can also check us out on our YouTube channel.