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Ethically Delicious Nutrient Dense Pork

Pork Bundle Packs

Sold out for May and June 2020.

Subscription membership orders can be placed with first bundle collection available in July 2020. Further details at the link below. 

With our Pork Bundle Packs we take all of the guess work out of sourcing Ethically Delicious Nutrient Dense Pork for you and your family.

This is your opportunity to purchase meat that is grown locally and sustainably. We do not use chemical inputs, we farm using regenerative land management practices. Buying locally means you are supporting your local farming community and buying fresh pork that has low food miles. 

Choose the perfect option for you with 5kg, 7.5kg or 10kg Bundle Packs available and a range of convenient pick up locations available around the Canberra Region. 

Included in each Bundle is a variety of different pork cuts such as roast, loin chops, sausages, bacon etc. We have a range of exquisite smoked goods that are hard to find anywhere else, such as smoked scotch fillet and guanciale. 

All our smoked goods are nitrate free. They are naturally wood smoked with just salt, sugar and water. You can enjoy the flavour without any of the nasty chemicals!!

Bundle Packs are available via a six monthly or bi-monthly subscription membership. Prices per kilogram vary depending on the size of the Bundle Pack and if paid upfront or via deposit and monthly instalments. All our product is frozen to ensure maximum freshness for you and your family. 

Red pigs in a dusty shelter

Half and Whole Pigs

Due to significant growth in our Pork Bundle Pack subscriptions we are currently unable to fulfil any Whole and Half pig orders. We still have a limited number of subscription spots available for Pork Bundle Pack subscription memberships. For more information please click the link above.

Do you want to go the whole Hog? If so check out our Bulk Pork Sales.

We offer the option to purchase a Half or Whole pig with full customisation.

We walk you through the whole process to take the guess work out of choosing the best cuts for you and your family.

We can offer a wide variety of cuts including naturally cured and smoked bacon and sausage.