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Pork Bundle Packs

Why is our ethically delicious pork so, well, delicious?
This is not like any other pork you’ve ever tasted – as one of our valued subscribers said to me “the pigs live happy lives and you can taste the happiness”. As part of their happy lives our pigs are rotated onto fresh pasture regularly and they are no exposed to antibiotics, synthetic pesticides or herbicides. 
Revitalise your health and achieve your wellbeing goals for 2021, starting with our beyond organic, local pork. Subscribe today and pay upfront for a monthly or bi-monthly bundle and all you have to do is collect your delicious bundle each month of the subscription period. 
Click the link below to go to our page on pork bundle packs and place your order via our order form.
But hurry we have very limited supply and our valued subscribers receive first priority. Secure your spot today!
More reasons to purchase with us: 

This is your opportunity to buy local, ethical and organic pork. Buying local, organic meat is the best choice you can make for yours and your family’s health. Eating food that is beyond organic – that has no antibiotics, synthetic pesticides or herbicides – and has interacted with a rich, diverse and healthy soil environment can directly benefit your health. 

Buying directly from us, the farmer, you are by-passing the potentially fragile supermarket supply chains.  We carefully plan and secure our supply chains and production to ensure we can supply you, our membership base. This is your opportunity to secure your supply of top quality, ethically delicious and nutritious pork that you can authenticate where and how it was grown. 

Join the growing number of subscribers that have discovered our amazing pork – they have chosen us as our pork is not only locally grown and the most delicious they have ever tasted, it also contributes to achieving their health goals.

You can place your order now through our website. If you have any questions or queries email us at  

Choose the perfect option for you with 5kg, 7.5kg or 10kg Bundle Packs available and a range of convenient pick up locations available around the Canberra Region. 

Included in each Bundle is a variety of different pork cuts such as roast, loin chops, sausages, bacon etc. We have a range of exquisite smoked goods that are hard to find anywhere else, such as smoked scotch fillet and guanciale. Our philosophy is to ensure we utilise the whole pig and have no waste, therefore our customers understand that tailored individual customisation of Bundles does not enable us to fulfil this philosophy.

In keeping with this philosophy we utilise the fat and turn into high quality lard, we use the heads of our pigs and make highly nutritious brawn and include trotters in our bundles for those who have expressed an interest in these highly collagenous and nutritious parts. Ears and snouts are smoked for dog treats. 

All our smoked goods are nitrate free. They are naturally wood smoked with just salt, sugar and water. You can enjoy the flavour without any of the nasty chemicals!!

Bundle Packs are available via a six monthly or bi-monthly subscription membership. Prices per kilogram vary depending on the size of the Bundle Pack and if paid upfront or via deposit and monthly instalments. All our product is frozen to ensure maximum freshness for you and your family. 

Goat Game Changer Bundles

We have been working hard to bring you a new product – Value Life Farm Goat meat. 

Our Goat Game Changer bundles will be available in March, so now is the time to secure your spot in the queue. Subscribers to our pork bundle packs will receive first priority on product availability, so if you are one of our valued subscriber members and want to add goat to your subscription membership email us today. 

If you are not a subscriber member, you can still order a goat game changer bundle and you will be waitlisted until availability is confirmed. 

Email us today to secure your spot. 

Half and Whole Pigs


Do you want to go the whole Hog? If so check out our Bulk Pork Sales.

We offer the option to purchase a Half or Whole pig with full customisation.

We walk you through the whole process to take the guess work out of choosing the best cuts for you and your family.

We can offer a wide variety of cuts including naturally cured and smoked bacon and sausage.